New Golf Products for 2013

April 22, 2013

April is almost over so that means golf season is rapidly approaching and so is tournament time! It seems year after year, we get the phone calls with frantic tournament directors who are in need of a Tee Gift in a week (or less). Not that we mind at all because we are here to help. We do hope this post finds you in enough time that we can help you plan early and avoid any more stress.

We have been busy adding new and useful products to and will share those items with you in future posts. Plus, we also now offer a selection of categories that feature 100% USA Made and decorated golf gifts!

Here are two great items that are new to

pitch fixPitchfix Divot Tool With Metal Box (item # DNGBI-ITDBV)

The Pitchfix Divot Tool is a spring action golf divot tool and features a European design, now offered in the USA. It is light weight and includes a removable full color domed ball marker. Complete the package with a metal box

Fiber Reactive Golf Ball Shaped Sport Towel (item # HOBWF-ITPSO)

golf ball towelUnlike traditional screen printing, fiber reactive printed towels allow designs
to be printed edge to edge. Towels are made of 100% cotton velour and you have choice of screen printing or embroidering your logo in the center of the towel to blow away your players. Each towel measures 20″ x 20″


I hope these two ideas kickstart your efforts to find a gift that your players are going to love this year. Should you have any questions or need any additional help in finding something this year, we are only a phone call or email away.


Custom Golf Towels

April 9, 2012

Custom golf towels are one of the most popular golf tournament gifts to give to the players as a tee gift. Why is that? Well, for one, the golf towel is a very useful and practical tool a golfer must have on the course. No matter the conditions on the course, the club head will get dirty from contact with mud, sand, or the worst of all…goose poop!

There are so many varieties of golf towel out there that your company name or tournament logo can be featured in several ways. But remember, the towel really needs to be used over and over again to keep your brand front and center. The best way to make sure that happens is that you WOW the golfer with a towel that is so good looking that he/she will not want to take it off of their bag.  Let’s take a look at some of those decorating methods.


woven golf towel


Probably the most popular method is the jacquard woven towel. The logo, name, and overall design are incorporated into the towel itself. No worries about paint from screen printing rubbing off or embroidery stitching coming loose. Most of these towels will allow for a 2 or 3 color combination to really make your towel look good.


Tone on Tone Golf Towel


A newer concept is the tone-on-tone with custom embroidery. You can have two logo’s show up on the towel for a great looking tee gift. For example, if the towel will be given to players in a charity tournament, the background logo can be the tournament’s and then sell the embroidered area to a sponsor. Now the towel is paid for and the charity doesn’t have to come up with any money for the gift!


hydrosilk golf towel


The golf towel doesn’t have to be all about the decoration either. The golf towel could be made out of an alternative material. Consider the HydroSilk Towel. This towel is made completely out of wood! Yes, out of wood. The towel is made from 100% recycled pine, which makes it a very “green” towel. The HydroSilk towel has a superior softness and is 3 times more absorbent than cotton. It is antimicrobial, so even if it is put away wet, it will never mildew or smell.

For more great ideas on golf towels and golf tournament gifts, check out the website

Goodbye to Stress!

May 6, 2011

Oil Drum Stress Reliever


Economic failures, tsunamis, riots, tornadoes, wildfires, leaking oil wells…. What hasn’t caused stress recently for everybody in the world over the last year?  It’s time to GET RID of that unwanted baggage we call stress.  Out!  Kaput!  Vamoose!  In fact, it’s time to help our friends, clients, co-workers, and everybody we come in contact with to DE-STRESS.  Ahhhhh……..   Let it all go.  There now.  You’re feeling better already, aren’t you?

When it comes to people making buying decisions (Hello, my fellow “Marketing People”!), did you know that people resist making buying decisions when they feel stressed?  According to the Science Daily in an article published last April, “In financial decision making, where rational and deliberative thinking is essential, a stressful environment might hamper our ability to make decisions”.  See?  You want people to like your product and your organization forever?  Get them out of their stress fast, (and keep them out) and they’ll be a client for life.

All of us like to feel confident in our decision making skills.  It’s what gives us independence and proves we have more processing capacity than an amoeba.  Stress makes us feel the opposite: high-strung, ineffective, mundane, crazy, etc, etc, etc.

Here’s a promotional product that connects with your customers in our troubled times (drum roll, please): The stress ball.  Aha!  The simple, non-technical, mindless stress ball.  Yes, that’s it!  The one and only device that gets people to do mindless, repetitive things for minutes (or hours, if they’re a bad case) at random times during the day!

Here’s the thing.  Not all stress balls are created equal.  I know, it’s wrong to discriminate, but we’re talking about stress balls here.  They don’t have feelings, just spongy bodies WITHOUT nerve endings.  (Sorry, you can’t be turned into a stress ball to get rid of your stressful feelings.  Isn’t that a genius idea though?)

Computer Stress Reliever


Think creatively about the usual spherical ball of foam.  We’re talking specific shapes like teeth (Dentists, listen up!  It’s time to save the upholstered arms on your expensive dentist chairs from stressful clawing!), a heart (American Red Cross, give your donors a squeeze toy to help them “make a fist” before taking the needle), a computer (hi software engineers who are about to trash your computer at 3 AM when the program fails again), and even your favorite cartoon characters (Dilbert, anyone?)!

It’s all up to your imagination… so think of your business promotions’ goal, and think of sending a little gift of love to all your stressed out customers.  They’ll be sure to give you their business again, since every time they pick up the custom imprinted stress toy you gave them with your company’s name on it, they’ll get rid of a little more anxiety… squeeze by squeeze.

Find a Custom Stress Reliever Toy for Your Next Promotion

Custom Imprinted Magnets

March 31, 2011

Full Color Acrylic Magnet


Full color magnets are miniature billboards that are always in front of you. Be creative, let your message explode in vibrant hues to make a lasting impression.  Let the magnets do their job of attracting clients or potential customers to you. Advertise your message, company, church, or city, easily and very inexpensively   24/7.   Whether the recipient places your magnet on their file cabinet or refrigerator, they will know exactly where to find it when they need your service or product(s)

But, don’t stop with color! These little attention grabbers are available in a very wide selection of stock shapes and sizes.  Stock shapes include all types of vehicles, animals, fruits, vegetables, circles, and squares, just to name a few. Perhaps your theme, a product or a logo would benefit from utilizing what is already available.  If not, you can always be even more imaginative and create your own custom shape. Now that makes your magnet twice as easy to find.

house shaped magnet


Thickness of a magnet is important too. The higher the mil, the better the holding power.  For instance, a magnet with a 2 mil rating will not hold a sheet of paper as well as a 3 mil.
This type mails very easily with a letter or brochure.

Not all magnets are flat in shape and size.  Some are made of hard plastic and are heavy duty. While there is less of a variety of shapes available, there is a good possibility that what exists will get your job done.

Magnets are a valuable member of your team when trying to get your brand out there to the general public.

Think for a moment…when was the last time you threw a magnet away?  When was the last time you passed by a table and didn’t pick up a free one being offered by an advertiser?

Let your message stick in their memory
•    Always in your line of sight
•    Colorful, can be custom shaped
•    Great lumpy mail item (lumpy mail has a much higher chance of being opened)

For more great product ideas, visit us a

Checkpoint friendly laptop bags

March 25, 2011

If you have flown in the last 9 years, you have passed through one of those TSA checkpoints trying to get to your gate. That means take off: your shoes, belt, earrings, watches, jewelry, etc…and you have to unpack your laptop and put it in its own separate bin from your bag you carry it in. Walk through the x-ray, hope you don’t set it off and have to take something else off, walk back through and if your unlucky enough to set it off again…spread’em.

checkpoint fast pass backpack


After the nice officer is done with the pat down, you can go collect your stuff. But, other people have been passing through and your stuff is sitting at the end of the conveyor belt mixed with everyone else’s stuff. All of this hassle just to catch a plane, BUT it’s worth it to be safe.
Well, during this whole process a lot of items are left behind or lost. The TSA is partly responsible for these items, and some are not cheap. Jewelry, flash drives, and LAPTOP’S! Yes, as big as they are laptop’s get left behind. Imagine having to spend the time trying to track down all the owners of this lost property. Did you know that TSA also partners with the Naval Air Systems Command to help manage and process lost and unclaimed property? Well, the TSA has had enough and worked with a bag company to come up with a solution for this problem with laptops.

checkpoint fast pass backpack


Introducing the Checkpoint Fast Pass Backpack, distributed by Keystone Specialties. This backpack is TSA approved and now you don’t have to remove your laptop from you bag anymore. Simply unzip the bag and lay it flat on the conveyor belt so the laptop is exposed. Now, you don’t have to pack as much when you make it through the security checkpoint. Other available models include the boardroom computer briefcase and laptop slimline laptop brief.
Details about the bag and its pricing are available at Just search this item number (ZLCVJ-HAVRS) and learn how you can order yours. This is a great item for any business to give to their traveling salespeople or as a thank you gift to a valued client.

Personalized Engraved Ornaments On Sale

February 25, 2011

Blue Baby Blocks Personlized Ornament

Blue Baby Blocks

For the first time ever, we are slashing the prices on our personalized engraved ornaments and having an off season sale. The entire selection of 21 ornaments will qualify for this special offer. We offer ornaments that will commemorate milestones in someone’s life. Read on to find the SPECIAL CODE.

Know someone that has experienced the loss of a loved one? Choose from our selection of Memorial Ornaments and help the healing process.

Our Baby Ornaments are a great gift for new parents. Engraving allows for the name, date, pounds, ounces, and inches.

Any family getting a dog or cat would love to get a Pet Ornament with the new pet’s name and day it was adopted or born.

Wedding season is right around the corner. Looking for a unique gift that will help the newlywed couple celebrate their union? Choose from our selection of Wedding Ornaments.

If any of our pre-formatted themes aren’t to your liking, you also have the option for a completely Custom Personalized Ornament. Enter up to 30 characters a line (including spaces) to inscribe whatever you wish to convey. There are NO per word, line, or character charges. ALL engraving is included in the price, no matter which ornament you buy. It’s the best deal on the net!

To browse our selection, visit us at

To take advantage of this special offer, just enter the SPECIAL CODE: march10 during the checkout process. This offer will end at midnight on March 31st.

Custom Pens Equal Great Returns

February 18, 2011

What is the number one promotional product in the USA?  What promotional product is

Enzo Imprinted Pen


considered the most useful and longest kept by the person who receives it? That would be the PEN!  Based on a study by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), a pen is kept by 46% of its recipients, keeping your organization’s name in front of them for the long term.

Why?  Because the pen is a useful item, and think about it, there never seems to be one around when you need one!  Recall the last time you used a great pen and thought to yourself, “I really like this pen, I should keep it!”  If you are going to giveaway pens, they should be nice enough that the person using the pen wants to keep it.

You don’t have to spend $3.00 or more per pen, as there are many attractive and reliable pens available at low cost.  The more often your custom pens are used, the more likely the person using it will remember your organization.  From a recent ASI (Advertising Specialties Institute) study, on average a pen is used 18.2 times a month.  That means if you give out 1,000 pens, you gain 18,200 exposures to your brand or organization!  Advertising doesn’t get any better than that.

Click here to search for your custom pen

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